Shift Energy

Stuck energy is what makes you feel shit. Holistic and energy therapies as well as therapeutic Yoga for YOUR body, all help to unstick it. I can help you get your energy flowing. Together we will find a way! Healing is a two way street. Just to be clear I’m not Jesus. If you want Jesus then you best leave this website and go find a time machine.

What I’m trying to say is that you have to be an active participant in your own healing. I am more the way clearer, the facilitator, the encourager. It’s your body that does the healing. It’s very clever. Sometimes you just gotta help it a bit and be nice to it. You’ll be surprised how quickly it responds.

Feeling tired and sluggish? Think it’s not very relaxing having a therapy session in full PPE? Need permission to lie down for an hour? Book a remote crystal and Reiki energy cleanse.

Want to learn to Meditate? Book a Yoga One to One Session.

Want to understand better the alignment of Yoga postures that you may be doing in online classes so you don’t need to keep straining your neck looking at the screen all the time (as that’s kinda counter-productive)? Book a course of Yoga One to One sessions.

Maybe you teach Yoga already and your own practice has become a bit lacklustre. Maybe you want to bring your Spirit back into your teaching by connecting more deeply with your Heart? Do you want to trust more deeply the Wisdom and knowlege that is already within you and that be expressed more freely through your teaching? Book a One to One Mentoring session.

This is a quick overview of what I can offer during the pandemic. More info and prices will be updated on this page soon. Please get in touch if you need more info for now.