It’s Time For A Fresh Start


Have you ever felt that no matter what you try, things just aren’t going your way and at some point you just have to surrender, stop fighting and relax into what is being presented? It’s been a lot like this for me these last few years. False starts, unexpected changes in location, unexpected changes in relationships, then the pandemic, worldwide restrictions we have all had to endure and to top it off, dodgy unreliable internet making work and consistency near on impossible! Life is happening. As much as you don’t like to admit it, you are not in control of much of it and you have to try your best to navigate life’s changing tides. You are however, in control of how you respond to life and where you choose to place your attention.

I am very Grateful for my daily Spiritual practices which are a testament to me staying sane through it all. It’s these practices I now want to share with you through these blogs and offerings, now I have reliable internet connection. I hope that maybe some of them will help you calm your mind, support your body, cope better with challenges and be more authentic. These practices can help you change your relationship first with yourSelf, then with others and life. I’ll hope to encourage you start and maintain a daily Spiritual practice that nourishes you and awakens the natural Joy that lives within you. To help you stay steady no matter what life throws at you, as you become buffered from the inside out and bounce back more quickly.

Whether the current restrictions lift soon or not, I can now make offerings from my boat Lily Pearl, whom is named after my two Nan’s. I have a super antenna which I’ve been testing for three weeks now and it hasn’t dropped a signal yet, whoop whoop! Look out for Blue Star online Zoom Yoga classes and courses coming soon. In the meantime I’m live-streaming my two classes for Whitespace Yoga Studio from the boat until the studio reopens. You don’t have to be member and can drop in. See Do Yoga for current schedule.

There are some free opportunities to get started with a daily Spiritual practice asap, or press that reset button or deepen your current experience. We start with a new monthly offering, the Blue Star ZOOM Q&A cafe. A chance to learn, listen, hopefully have a laugh, connect with like-minded folk and ask questions about your practice or how to start one. There’s also a monthly Meditation Clinic where I’ll get you started with an easy Heart Centred Mediation and we’ll blast through all that mind chatter that says you can’t Meditate. You’ll need to join the Blue Stars – Yoga, Meditation & Well-being Support group to get access to the ZOOM ID and Passwords, or contact me so I can send to you if not on facebook. Read the posters below for more details on the !st Blue Star ZOOM Q&A.

As life gets moving again it may get a bit overwhelming. I am an expert in overwhelm. Having Sensory Processing Disorder it’s something I have had to learn to live with since as long as I can remember. It’s so important to be gentle with yourselves and others in these very strange and interesting times. I hope what I’m offering here will go some way to supporting you in navigating more easily through whatever is to come and in creating a fresh and Joyful new start.

1st Zoom Q&A Cafe – 27/3 11.30am
1st Meditation Clinic – 12/4 7.30pm
Zoom Q&A Cafe – 24/4 11.30am

Hope to see you on a mat or in a ZOOM room soon.

Bright Blue Star Blessings

Raye x