This is me on my 6 month Meditation Teacher
training in Spain 2015. I Love Meditating outside in Nature.

There’s no disputing with the many studies being undertaken, the positive effects of Meditation on our mind, body and Spirit. Mindfulness is the word used most for modern day Meditation. But what is Meditation really?

Meditation is really the practice of changing our relationship with thoughts, emotions and the external world. It calms the body and helps us find Peace with our mind. Regular practice gives us a chance to let go of the many stresses that we pick up throughout the day so we don’t get a build up in our nervous system. If our mind were like a bin, the rubbish being the 100,000 thoughts that fill it every day, Meditation is the equivalent of emptying our bin daily! When we Meditate we become calmer, less reactive and generally have more energy as when the mind rests, so does the body.

How can I learn?

Yoga Classes – You will learn Mindfulness and Mind Calming type Meditation practices in my Yoga classes at Whitespace Yoga Studio. Currently live-streaming. In studio classes start again November.
One to One Meditation Coaching – Book a private session to learn the basics, which you can immediately put into practice. Currently due to Covid restrictions via zoom.
Meditation Clinics – These give you the opportunity to ask questions, receive guidance and experience the benefits of Group Meditation. Currently also via zoom.

My Practice

My own personal practice is a mixture of Yoga breath practices, Mantras and Meditation techniques that help me to Ascend the mind with the aim of becoming more alert and Present. I practice everyday without fail.

Why You Will Benefit From A Regular Practice

I’m happy to teach and support anyone that wants to learn Meditation, or whom has an existing practice but is maybe unsure if they are doing it right. I hear many people say, “I can’t Meditate, my mind is too busy!”, or, “I can’t do Yoga because I’m too inflexible!” These are exactly the reasons why one would benefit from Yoga and Meditation practices. Peace with your mind and flexibility in your body are what happen when you practice and are not a pre-requisite!

Learning to Ascend the mind is actually very easy and in Truth, no techniques are needed. Techniques do however make it easy. Meditation is really more about learning where to place your attention, learning what is You and what is not. The practice of Ascending the mind is about learning to be present Now, learning how to fully show up and live as your Soul…not your ego. It’s not, as many think, about what happens when you have your eyes shut. It’s not about trying to shut off your mind. It is all about the quality of your experience in the spaces in-between, being the quality of your life!

Having the guidance of an experienced teacher, who can eliminate some of the more common Meditation myths (like you need to have a quiet mind to Meditate) and whom can help you have a direct experience of Peace with your mind, can make all the difference in your ability to sustain a regular practice. This is why I started the Meditation Clinics.