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Start Your Week Right

Mind Set Mondays : 7am – 8am : Mixed Level

Do this class if you want to cultivate balance between your Mind, Body and Emotions, strengthen your boundaries and receive encouragement to keep coming back to your Hearts priorities. This class will unlock your energy and give you some tools to maintain it.

Set your inner compass for Success at the beginning of the week in this funky fusion of Meditation, Muscle Activation and Yoga with Success Coaching weaved throughout.

You will learn and practice :

  • Heartsease Meditation (says it all in the name). You can use it with your eyes open too, to help ease your Heart and stay more Present during the week. 
  • Free writing (for 3 mins) on what Success this week really looks like for you. 
  • An enlivening Yoga practice with Muscle Activation techniques to get you body switched on and ready for whatever the week brings.

Wake Up Wednesdays : 7am – 8am : Mixed Level

Do Yoga to Live Better

Do this class for a mid week boost of Body and Mind goodness. It will help keep your juices flowing, help move you beyond that mid-week slump of “Urrgh…How long is it til the bloody weekend?” and keep you motivated to stick to (or press the reset button) on what you know is good for you.

You can expect:

  • A little Heartsease Meditation and/or Pranayama breath practice to get your Mind where your Body is.
  • An energising assortment of Yoga postures to increase your flexibility, strength, energy flow and awareness.
  • A short Savasana… Long enough to allow all the new energy patterns to form in the neurological pathways through your body and short enough not to get you so relaxed you can’t be assed to do any work!
Yoga Releases Tension & Unleashes Joy

Feel Good Fridays : 10am – 11.30am : Mixed Level

Do this class if you want a full, deep and meaningful practice, to let go of your worries (even if only for this 1.5 hours!) and to open yourSelf to receive more Love, more Peace and more Joy without guilt. You will grow an inner buffer of innate Joy, be more centred, more calm as a result and hopefully navigate any troubles with more Grace. Take the Joy from this class and spread it all over your weekend!

Benefits of this class: 

  • A full 1.5 hours of mixed practices to set you up for a Joyful weekend. Honestly, give yourSelf this gift of that extra 30mins. You might just find that that little self sabotaging mantra, “I haven’t got time”, is actually the monkey minds way of stealing time from you. The Truth is that as you become more centred and more Present, it will be like you’ve entered a warp time and miraculously you find more time to do the things you really Love… Got to be worth a try Cosmic Explorer!
  • A short version of the Heartsease Meditation that you can practice eyes closed or eyes open whenever you notice worries and judgements creeping to your practice or your life. No, you don’t need to have a quiet mind to Meditate. I promise you it’s easy and will help make the class easier.
  • A long and delightful Heart opening slow flow, alignment based Yoga practice, each week focusing on different areas of the body to relieve you of tension, allow more ease in your movements and most importantly keep your Heart energy flowing.
  • A sprinkle of Pranayama now and again, which means using the breath in various ways to support the revelation of the class theme.
  • A down right, bloody needed, end of the week, Savasana! This is the relaxation bit and you will get a full 10 minutes. Some weeks you may get an even longer Yoga Nidra, also known as Yogic sleep.


1 hour classes : £8

1.5 hour classes : £11 (less than £7.50 per hour)

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