My Training

Can you spot me? 2012 Anusara Yoga Training with Claire Murphy & Bruce Bowditch

As you can see I like to learn! My Human Design is 1/3 Manifesting Generator so it’s no surprise. If that means nothing to you, it means I’m an investigator by nature and I like to trying out lots of things. As an Cosmic Explorer of Consciousness, I am continually fascinated by the relationship between body, mind and Soul. Cultivating my own Daily Spiritual Practice is what keeps me sane and I hope I can encourage you to start one too.

Usui Reiki Level 1 with Kathy Robeiro – March 2002

Diploma in Holistic Therapies at Bedford College – October 2002

Diploma in Stress Management at Bedford College – October 2002

Massage for Pregnancy & Labour at British School of Complimtary Therapy – Nov 2002

Usui Reiki Level 2 with Jenny Fisk – November 2002

Usui Reiki Level 3 / Master Teacher with Jenny Fisk – February 2003

SVA Diploma in Crystal Healing Year 1 – May 2004

Geothermal Aroma Stone Treatment with Sensi Holistic Training Consultancy – January 2006

Yoga For Health Foundation Teacher Training – March 2006

SVA Diploma in Crystal Healing Year 2 – November 2006

Angel Therapy Practitioner Course with Doreen Virtue – December 2008

200hrs Anusara Yoga Teacher training:

100hrs Anusara Immersion with Bridget Woods Kramer – 2010/2011

100hrs Anusara Teacher Training with Claire Murphy and Bruce Bowditch 2011/2012

42hrs Yoga as Therapy Training with Doug Keller October 2013

Coaching Success with Dr Robert Holden – June 2014

14hrs Sacred Centers Workshop with Anodea Judith – September 2014

Mastery of Self Meditation Teacher Training with The Bright Path Ishayas – June to Nov 2015

Be Activated Technique Level 1 with Douglas Heel – 2016

Paddleboard Yoga Teacher Training with SUPfit April 2017

Be Activated Technique Level 2 with Douglas Heel – September 2018

Monthly Shamanic Practitioner training with Peter Aziz 2018 – 2020

Copy Cure with Marie Forleo May – June 2020

Let’s create lasting change together.

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