The journey begins again…


Are you doubting your intuition? It’s no surprise with a constantly changing narrative. Doing my best to see how I can be of service and support people through my work in these interesting times. It seems a good time to have a rebrand, more inline with what my original vision for Blue Star Therapies was.. Which was to include more Magic!

Britain’s roots are steeped in Magic and Mysticism, yet somewhere (i imagine when we burnt all the natural Healers/Witches) it got lost! In Magical circles, it is not uncommon to use the image of the blue star for healing and protection. The Wiccan Reed states, “When misfortune is enow, wear the blue star on your brow”.

In these times of mass mind control, media hypnotism, pandemic and its daily prevalent fear mongering, visualising the blue star on your brow when you notice you are getting sucked into fear, helps you to get Clarity, maintain your common sense, Wisdom and critical thinking.

2+2=4… Trust your Self when things don’t add up. Self maintenance is so important right now, as is consciously and vigilantly choosing to see beyond fear and purposefully seeking the good that still exists in this world.

Currently updating this website with new offerings and it is my intention to blog at least weekly on many simple strategies, like this one, that can help you through the day.

I am officially today open again for business.

Yoga wise I’m offering one to one zoom sessions and will be starting zoom classes in a week or so from the boat. Next week you can join me in person again at Whitespace Yoga Studio OR live stream through drop in zoom. Please check out their website (by clicking the link) for more info or to book.

Coming soon.. Meditation support group…also Remote healing/coaching sessions incorporating all the energy therapies I’ve studied and practiced over the years.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton